A few benefits of Internal Insulation:


• Internal Insulation keeps the heat inside

• Prevents mould

• Reduces condensation

• Saves money

• Sound Proofs


We are offering several types of internal insulation

Sound insulation panels

The Helltex Finnish insulating panels have been manufactured since 1946. The panels contain only wood flour and wood’s own resin. The special manufacturing technology due to the mere 12 mm thick plates thermal conductivity of 0.0488 W / mK, sound attenuation is 18.2 dB. The airborne noise, this value is 22 dB.

The advantage is not only their thickness but also their design. You can insulate, sound proof and design your room all in one go.   (Laminated wall surface does not require any post processing.)

Why should I think about the Halltex insulation:

• You only require the cold radiating surfaces insulated.

• The panels stay the same temperature as the internal temperature of the room, a pleasant feeling of comfort experienced in hot and cold conditions.

• If the walls are in bad shape, redecorate and insulate! The laminated panels  are made of different materials and colours (more than two dozen to choose from!)

• The panels are only 12 mm thick so hardly any space within the room is lost.

The Halltex internal insulation provides a modern Decorative look to the room.

 Last but not least note that the Halltex has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties. Therefore, if you decide to go for Halltex panels, not only can you prevent your home from being cold but at the same time you can redesign and sound proof.


The Home Cell technology

The home cell technology implemented a solution to indoor insulation of buildings, flats, houses and offices providing subsequent heat insulation, which can not be insulated from the outside.  The Home Cell indoor thermal Key Features:

High thermal insulation capability of the unique operating principle of the mirror due to heat (λi = 0.037 W / mK, R = 1.2 m² K / W).

The insulation on the inside walls helps save up to 80% heating loss.

40-50% cost savings can be achieved, by internally insulating your home.

Most Buildings can be internally insulated.

Heat Mirror-air chamber structure and the diffusion characteristics of A-PET (μ = 29583, sd = 5.9 m) eliminates mould.

Thickness of only 4.2 cm.

Insulating interior Walls, ceilings and attics are all equally suitable.

The insulation works whenever feasible, either in winter or summer.

 The Home Cell interior insulation panels can be cut to size easily on demand.

The Home-Cell internal insulation panels do not require scaffolding to install, which is a significant cost saving.

The Home Cell indoor thermal technology is installed in accordance with fire protection class "E" and "C0” class.

Discuss with us about the best solution.

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