What is involved in the installation process?

•    A full survey and quotation will be undertaken.

•    Samples will be provided for guidance and colour and texture of the finish

•    Scaffolding (if it is necessary)  will be erected for any property over single storey height

•    Fixtures such as satellite dishes, telephone wires, boiler outlets or flues and electricity meters will be adapted or temporarily removed prior to work starting.

•    For request we install new gutters and/or waste pipes, and sometimes necessary to change window sills.

•    Some noise from drilling will be experienced as insulation boards are fixed to the existing wall.


How Much Does It Cost?

We suggest budgeting from around £4,000 for two bedroom bungalow but for example a mid-terraced house is much less. Prices depending upon size, design, colour, insulation material. Nothing to loose to request a quote

Most properties will take between one and three weeks to complete depending upon size, complexity and finish.

Home insulation installation and Benefits of EWI Systems