Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

Please read this section carefully as it will tell you everything you need to know about the terms and conditions on which we will deal with each other when you have accepted the quotation for Dorset Insulation to install insulation in your home.

1. We will carry out the work specified for the amount quoted, subject to the following terms and conditions. All prices include VAT at the current rate.

2. The quotation is valid from the time of quotation for a period of 28 days, however, you must agree to installation taking place within 90 days of accepting the quotation.

3. We will carry out all the work during our normal business hours, which are 8:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

4. Quotations are dependent on the free provision of electricity and water to carry out the work. We will also assume access is available to the interior of the property.

5. Where building or other work, including removing items stored in the loft is recommended prior to the installation, this will be assumed to have been carried out prior to the commencement of the installation. Any delays to the commencement of the installation as a result of this work not being completed will not be our responsibility.

6. The quoted price does not include the cost of removing any dangerous waste material, such as asbestos, which we were unaware of when we made the original quotation and which we only became aware of when doing the work. If we identify dangerous waste, we will stop work and leave the site and it is your responsibility to arrange removal of the dangerous waste. Once the waste is removed, a clean air certificate must be provided before we will do any further work at your property.

7. In the unlikely event of the building being later found to be unsuitable for insulation and/or access via scaffolding is required we may withdraw the Quotation and issue a new quotation. Any deposits will be repaid in these circumstances. We will not accept any further responsibility.

8. Payment terms are upon completion of the survey unless otherwise agreed.

9. If you are a tenant, you will need your landlord’s permission to carry out the work detailed in the quotation. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you have made enquiry and obtained permission from your Landlord to have us carry out the work. We will not be responsible if you do not get permission from your Landlord to have the work carried out. If you fail to get permission you will also repay to us any costs that we incur by you failing to get permission.

10. If your property is a listed building, you may need planning permission to carry out the work detailed in the quotation. It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate consents are obtained, and we will require evidence from you that such consent has been obtained. Failure to obtain necessary consent may result in you being prosecuted in the criminal courts. We will not be able to proceed with any works where appropriate planning consent has not been obtained or where you are not able to provide us with sufficient evidence of such consent. Where we carry out unauthorised works at your property where you have given us false or inaccurate information, you will compensate us for any losses we suffer as a result of your failure to obtain the necessary planning permission, which may include court fines and/or penalties.

11. The installation work involves drilling which will cause some vibration and dust. You will be held responsible for ensuring that all articles likely to be affected are moved to a safe place prior to the commencement of the work. Your installer will advise you accordingly.

12. The 160mm (6.5”) holes drilled through the walls (to install the ventilation) will be made good with sand and cement and covered over with decorative materials if required. We DO NOT claim to be able to exactly match decorative finishes, particularly where the walls are rendered or ‘spardash’ has been applied and painted, however we will make reasonable efforts to match the decorative finishes. Very hard bricks can splinter – but we will take all steps to minimise damage.

13. The time estimate provided for doing the work is our best estimate and we will make every reasonable effort to complete the work on time. However, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. In such situations, we will revise with you the time estimates we originally provided.

14. Access is required inside the property at the time of installation to carry out work. Would you please advise us if this presents a problem. We may not be able to do the work if access is not possible.

15. We reserve the right to withdraw from this agreement in whole or in part if close examination of the structure is unsuitable for insulation by our technicians or that safe access to any part of the structure is not possible using the equipment normally employed. Where only part of the agreement is performed, our standard charge for the work actually performed will apply.

16. Notice of the Right to Cancel You are entitled to cancel this agreement. If you wish to cancel, you MUST DO SO IN WRITING and deliver personally or send by RECORDED DELIVERY or REGISTERED POST to ________________ at any time WITHIN 7 DAYS starting from the date the quotation is signed. Notice of cancellation is deemed to have been served as soon as it is posted or sent to us or, in the case of electronic communication, from the date it is sent to us. You may use the detachable form attached to this agreement if you want to but you do not have to. 

17. The quotation together with these terms and conditions set out the entire agreement between you and Dorset Insulation.

18.1 Third Party rights: nobody other than you will be able to benefit from this agreement.

  1. a.Provide you with the services you have asked us for (which may include loyalty and incentive schemes we may run from time to time).
  2. b.Offer you accounts, services and products from time to time from us or our partners. To help us make these offers we may use an automated scoring system, which also uses information from credit reference agencies as well as other companies.
  3. c.Help run, and contact you about improving the way we run any accounts, services and products we have provided before, now or in the future.
  4. d.Create statistics, test computer systems, analyse customer information, create profiles and create marketing opportunities (including using information about what you buy from us and how you pay for it. For example, the amount of gas you use and any discounts we have offered you).
  5. e.Help prevent and detect debt, fraud and loss.
  6. f.Help train our staff.
  7. g.Contact you in any way (including by e-mail, phone, text or multimedia message or other forms of electronic communications or by visiting you about products and services we and our selected partners are offering.

18.2 We may also monitor and record any communications we have with you, including phone conversations and e-mails, to make sure we are providing a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

18.3 When we contact you, we may use any information we hold about you to do so. So we may contact you by e-mail, phone, text message, other forms of electronic communications or by visiting you. If we are contacting you to tell you about any offers, we will, as far as possible, do this in line with how you have told us you would prefer to receive marketing information (your recorded marketing preferences). You ask us not to send you any information on our offers at any time by contacting us and giving us your account details.

18.4 We may allow other people and organisations to use information we hold about you:

  1. a.to provide services you have asked for, which may include providing information to members of your family or household, anyone acting on your behalf or other people who may be interested (such as landlords or letting agents);
  2. b.as part of the process of selling one or more of our businesses;
  3. c.to help to prevent and detect debt, fraud, or loss (for example by giving this information to a credit-reference agency), which is described in more detail in clause 10.9 below;
  4. d.if you do not pay your debt, we may transfer your debt to another organisation and give them details about you and that debt;
  5. e.if we have been asked (for example by Ofgem or a lawyer) to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes;
  6. f.as part of current or future legal action;
  7. g.as part of government data-sharing initiatives, for example, those designed to help stop fuel poverty (where people cannot afford to pay for heating and electricity);
  8. h.to help manage any loyalty or rewards schemes; or
  9. i.if you hold an insurance policy with us, to pass information to an insurer to manage your insurance policy (including underwriting and claims, to help develop new services and to assess financial and insurance risk)
  10. From time to time these other people or organisations may be outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and as a result we may pass your information to countries that do not have the same standards or protection for personal information as the UK.

18.5 We will check your details with one or more credit-reference and fraud prevention agencies to help us make decisions about your ability to make payments and the goods and services we can offer you. Below, we have given a brief guide to how we, the credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies will use your information.

a. We will search at credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies for information about you and all the people you are applying with. If you are providing information about other people on a joint application, you must make sure they agree that we can use their information to do this. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will pass your details to credit-reference and fraud prevention agencies. Law-enforcement agencies (such as the police and HM Revenue & Customs) may receive and use this information.

b. We and other organisations may also access and use information about you that credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies give us to, for example:

  • check details on applications you make for credit and credit related services;
  • check your identity;
  • prevent and detect fraud and money laundering;
  • manage credit and credit-related accounts or services;
  • recover debt;
  • check details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance; and
  • check details of employees and people applying for jobs with us.

c. When credit-reference agencies receive a search from us, they will record this on your credit file whether your application is successful or not.

d. We will send information on your account to credit-reference agencies and they will record it. If you have an account with us, we will give details of it and how you manage it to credit-reference agencies. If you have an account and do not repay money you owe in full or on time, credit-reference agencies will record this debt. They may give this information to other organisations and fraud-prevention agencies to carry out similar checks, find out where you are and deal with any money you owe. The credit-reference agencies keep records for six years after your account has been closed, you have paid the debt or action has been taken against you to recover the debt.

e. We and other organisations may access and use, from other countries, information recorded by fraud-prevention agencies.

f. If you want to see what information credit-reference and fraud prevention agencies hold about you, you can contact the following agencies currently working in the UK. The information they hold may not be the same, so it is worth contacting them all. They will charge you a small fee.

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