• Insulate your home

    Save on your heating bills! Increased comfort levels! Easy maintenance! Increased property value! Reduce your carbon footprint!

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  • Feeling Cold?

    A robust and versatile solution to an increasing demand for thermal protection, particularly in solid wall properties.

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    With a transformation in its appearance and increased thermal performance the value of your home could INCREASE!

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  • Condensation?

    It is proven that continues airflow helps prevent condensation and moulding!

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  • installation process

    Most properties will take between one and three weeks to complete depending upon size, complexity and finish.

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air ventilation

Have You Considered Indoor Air Quality? Up to 70% of the heat is returned!

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External Wall Insulation

EWI from Dorset Insulation is a robust and versatile solution to an increasing demand for thermal protection.

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Internal wall insulation

By insulating your internal walls, you can reduce heat loss and significantly cut your heating bills

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Home insulation

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Dorset Insulation For The Liveable Future


Just a few points on How External Wall Insulation can increase the value of your property: 

  • ·External Wall insulation protects your property from weatherproofing which increases the life of your brickwork.
  • It fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts.
  • It’s Sound resistant.
  • Changes the appearance of your house (provides that new home look).
  • Gives your home a better energy rating.


Going ‘green’ with your home can not only help to reduce your energy consumption thus saving you money on your energy bills, but could also increase the value of your property. Many people in the UK are aware of the impact our daily activities have on the environment and some often choose the environmentally friendly option.
Others will choose a well-insulated house in the knowledge that their fuel bills will be kept under control and that they are protected from spiralling increases. Either way insulating your home makes it more appealing to buyers and potentially increases its value.

The Insulation and Cladding Association (INCA) confirm that installing external wall insulation on your home not only results in a warm environment but it can also increase the value of your home.

Home insulation installation and Benefits of EWI Systems